Bitcoin’s high gives rise to new blows with cryptomorphs

New high, new impostors

Bitcoin’s egg-breaking hammer blow money loss
The rise in the price of Bitcoin has brought new impostors to the market, people focused on creating scams that can get in the way of investors interested in knowing digital currency. In recent years, the scammers have taken advantage of the upswing to create new ways of robbing people.

We could say that the Bitcoin scams were left behind back in 2019 with the end of several pyramids, but with the arrival of a new year, the false promises with digital currency must remain present in the market.

As Bitcoin is a new technology, passing through a great appreciation, many people take advantage of the gap. Famous people have warned about the problem in Brazil and in the world.

It is worth mentioning that many investors have suffered blows in recent years, entire families‘ assets have been lost after people believed in false promises.

New high, new blows
Bitcoin’s rise is the main movement in the global financial market, with no assets outperforming the appreciation of digital currency in recent years. In relation to the dollar, in 2020 alone, Bitcoin closes the year with a rise of 302%.

In real, which depreciated against the dollar by 30% in 2020, Bitcoin appreciated by 422%. This buying movement is certainly a highlight throughout the world, especially as it is going through one of the worst health crises in history.

In the midst of the Bitcoin boom, many blows appear on the market. The famous financial pyramids are just one of the problems faced by those entering now in search of information on digital currency.

This is because it is common for companies to offer high returns with Bitcoin, fixed and monthly. This scam is old, applied since before the invention of cryptomime.

In addition, many scammers create elaborate scams over the Internet, using phishing practices, for example. In this way, they attract people to an investment that can be fatal for many beginners in the market.

In many cases, people who fall for scams tend to move away from Bitcoin, believing that the technology is a scammer, not the people who develop these tricks. In Brazil, the TV Globo host, Tiago Leifert, has been talking all day long about scams with Bitcoin on the internet.

„Don’t send your Bitcoins to anyone“, he warns.
What is clear is that Bitcoin’s upward movement makes room for blows, leading market beginners to losses. In the last few days, Stacy Herbert, a Bitcoin fan and presenter, has alerted her more than 100,000 followers on Twitter.

According to her, sending Bitcoin to strangers, even using the image of a famous one, is something wrong. She quoted that Bitcoins, when purchased, should remain in a safe wallet.

„WARNING: I will NOT send messages to you here or on Facebook or Instagram or Telegram or anywhere else. There are no incredible bitcoin investment opportunities available just for you. The high end market is bringing in many impostors. Don’t be stupid, never send your bitcoin to anyone,“ Stacy said.

With the turn of the year, many people will have opportunities in the Bitcoin market, for better or for worse. For those who do not watch out, however, the losses could be great.